Free Activities?

I'm a student, I have no car, and I am financially restricted (basically broke). He has a car however.

Everyday he comes over to my place we only hang out in my bedroom or inside the flat. What can we do that doesn't cost too much but can still have fun outside the home?

I'm not a very active person so apart from cooking I can't think of anything else.

Help and thanks!


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  • Well to think of a couple ,you could visit a park,walk the dog, hang out at the beach , sometimes there are jazz festivals that have free entries, have a picnic on a lake,go fishing ,visit the local zoo ,find freinds who are having house parties or bbq's,visit the libraries,visit different churches and temples they almost always offer free food and have interesting sights,I know these aren't the greatest things to be doing, but if you guys,enjoy each others company any venue will b amazing, hope that helps (:


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