When guys break up

and are still in love with their ex of two years, usually have a rebound in a situation when they're completely wasted?

Is it normal for a guy to make-out with a "friend", while completely drunk, when they're nursing a broken heart?

I don't buy it... but guys, you tell me. Is this normal?

Would you do this, given the situation?

asking because my ex claims he's still "madly in love" with me, but admitted to making out with a "friend" of his at a party, while wasted, while we were broken up.

I can't help but be completely turned off by this. Is this normal?


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  • I am in a situation at the mo were I want to get back with my ex so much but she doesn't want to know me. I have tried to get over her by going a few dates but my head was in limbo, basically they were not my ex, the last thin on my mind was sex I can tell you. I couldn't give a toss about that I just want her back and to treat he like an angel.

    If he broke up with you then slept with a friend I'm not sure I'd be too happy, he has to understand esp after the latter that your not just going to forgive him like that. You need time to think and he needs time to sweat over what he did I guess?

    • He didn't sleep with her. at least he swears he didn't who really knows...

    • Ah I don't understand the American lingo, in that case it's still not nice but to me know where as severe. It is like the girl below said a distraction. I bet if he was sober and went on a date with that smae girl he wouldn't have kissed her because he'd have been thinking of you and not wanting to be there with that girl...........thats the way I was. I guess if there's some form of trust in the relationship it can still work only you know deep down how you feel. Make him know he hurt you tho

    • Well, I meant that he'd been kissing her (making out) at a party. I'm the kind of girl that despises hearing about that kind of stuff, I just feel that if he really were deeply in love with me - why didn't he just call me to talk sooner (he ended up calling me while drunk, spilling his guts) ? oh I definitely made him know how upset I was. He got antsy and asked me why we were even talking about this. But I feel like, if we were to reconcile, I'd want to know where his tongue and d*** had been.

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  • she was a distraction; its perfectly normal

    • Thanks... he said she was a friend of his. is it wrong of me to not want him to continue that friendship if we were to reconcile?

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