Guy I've been dating for two and a half months says we are exclusive but he's not ready for the bf label what does that mean?

We've been dating for two and a half months and he told me he's not seeing anyone else right now and are exclusive but he said he's not ready for the label as he's not sure where things are headed. He says we dont know each other enough yet and that this is too soon for this conversation. is this a bs excuse should I dump him or is 2 and a half months really not that long for the bf label?


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  • It's funny, when people say things like "whore" "jerk" etc... they come back with "labels are only for soup cans but then when it comes to things like "is he my boyfriend or not", they're all like "oh yeah, sure, labels are everything, bring 'em on"

    All about being politically correct, and not slut shaming, right?


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