How do you win a guy back that you hurt? NOT CHEATED ON?

He loved me, I loved him... he gave me a choice and I was scared and chose the wrong one.
We still talk and nd he has admitted that I hurt him... now he sends mixed signals and chats on and off then tells me he needs space then flirts a little, jokes about getting married and having kids together... we talk about if we were were to see eachother again he wants to have mind blowing sex and does t want me to even say hi to him.. he just wants me to walk up and kiss him, not a word. Then tells me again later that he needs space... and he doesn't want to talk about his feelings with me unless it's face that face... how do I just win his heart back?


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  • Everyone reacts differently to being hurt. My now girlfriend hurt me a few months back; despite us having unreal chemistry and it being absolutely crystal clear that we adored each other, she slept with someone at a party. My bad move was not telling her exactly what I felt, but it killed me inside that she'd done it.

    Fast forward 4 months and now I'm closer than ever with her; what happened hurt me, but I've forgiven and forgotten.

    This guy sounds a bit strange to me though in all honesty. Mind games are never a good sign, though; just as a personality trait. Maybe sit him down and face-to-face have a talk with him; tell him exactly what you want and how you regret what happened, tell him why especially, and then go from there.

    • Well he was my best friend for years and I was madly in love with him and he wanted every other girl but me.. we slept together... and he went back to his ex and then I was the girl who gave him real advice on his girlfriend.. even though he knew how I felt and he would tell me everything.
      I moved away after highschool, he asked me to move home and marry him and I was in a horrible relationship and had trust issues and was very insecure and I couldn't make the jump at the time a d he thought I chose another guy over him and that wasn't the case... he respected my choice and nd still tried he would talk to me till 4 am on the phone when I ha e extreme anxiety.. even though he had to work at 7 am he made sure I was ok before he went to bed... then he gave me one last choice and it wasn't and nd good time the bad relationship I had... his close family member died and I was already packed up ready to leave but when that happened I couldn't bring myself to drop out of anyone's life after a

    • Tragedy like that happened and I tried to explain and he said im full of excuses and if I cared id be there... when we started talking again I told him I want to have the friendship we had and he said maybe one day but you can't expect it to be all better over night... I told him when I left my bf and he said "I hope your not doing that because your talking to me again, I'm perfectly happy with life right now and don't want to change a thing"... then he's been more of a friend again and then he says he needs space every few days:/

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  • I think you made your choice too late, and he has every right to be nervous..
    If you want to win his heart back, Chase/jump through hoops to show him how much you appreciate him

    • I dont even know if he's still into me

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    • And as a guy yourself based on what I told you.. whats your opinion... he still cares and is interested and just scared himself to get close again... or he isn't interested and is enjoying some head games as payback? Lol

    • I'm not sure.. I think he is being honest with you, he is confused by you, and just trying to figure it all out...
      He is being cautious before he commits either way I would guess

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  • I think you are too late you have made a choice that has left him unsure and insecure