Should I tell my crush / friend that I like him though he has a Girlfriend? ?

So i 1st seen this guy in the 9th. He was in the 10th back then and i thought he was sooo ocute, so i started to do my research & unfortunately i found out that he had a girlfriend. So i made the decision to not go after him because he was in a relationship & i think any person that would ruin someone's relationship is totally disgusting. So i let it go, it was the end of freshman year & i had moved on... or so i thought. So coming into my sophomore year i entered my AP American Lang class ( everyone including me has the class the ENTIRE year) i seen him in my class which was a mixture of juniors & sopmores. in class he seemed really easy going, FUNNY, laid back, smart,& overall a good person. Which didn't help because i was slowly staring to like him again, So fast forward from August 2014 to February 2015 and we are freinds, we text, talk etc.
I am really good at hiding my feelings but my friend pointed out the way he looks at me. honestly i accepted the fact that he had a girlfriend so i let go of the idea that i would ever have a chance with him so i decided that being his friend was good enough... i just wanted to be in his life. My freind told me that its the way he looks at me when i talk, she told me , he stares deep in to my eyes, lips etc. & i have just began to notice it myself. She told me that if he didn't have a gf she thinks that he would go for me. I feel so bad for liking him, but i can't help the way i feel.. What happens after i tell him and he likes me too. Could this have a fairytale ending?

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  • I suggest you not tel him u like him. Its not pleasant to break a relationship. All u need to do is continuing being the genuine friend u are to him. Love have a way of finding the right person. If u guys are meant to be. U guys will. But for now, keep silent. Gud luck.

  • I voted A because you also have to ask yourself how you'd feel if you were in his girlfriends position.

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