When to call a girl?

Well, 4 days ago I was in the study hall and looking for a table and I noticed when I walked him and made eye contact with this girl sitting at the table by herself.. studying..and smile to each other..

So I was wandering around the room and saw two empty tables but it was too sunny so I decided to ask that girl "mind if I join you|?'

she said ya :)

So I sat there and read for half an hour and she stopped studying and started to draw some picture in the book..

Then I started to strike a conversation with her "what are you drawing lol :)?" she said "i'm just bore I'm already done with homework..

Cut to the point the conversation was good, and I found out that she told me her boyfriend lives 5 hours away from here "he goes to school there, I barely see him"

And she told me she likes to dance and I asked her .."do you have any plan or partying this hollo ween?

She said no..:)

I was like well you and ur friend welcome to come to my buddy's party on the 31st here's my number..{i wrote on her notebook}

Then I asked for hers to write on mine..

Now 5 days later, which is today I sent her a text "hey me and friends are going dancing..ur welcome to come"

But now I haven't got any answer from her at all..

So..Did I wait too long to call her?

We didn't get to know each enough?

SHould I have called her instead of texting?

also when I asked her do you drink? she said :) ya I was like oh cool you should definitely come to the party then..


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  • Somethings wrong- ditch her and have fun man. She is either shy and has been hurt or something else man.

    She is giving you blunt and short answers that indicate she is thinking about something else. It is great that you are trying to include her into some actions, it shows a significant motivation on your behalf to get this girl out and about to help her overcome what is bothering her.

    I would suggest that you draw the line here and let her come to you- stop inviting her and stop letting her get to you- if she starts to open up... well... great! If not, you have already moved on and are looking for someone more stable.

    Best regards,


    • I really like your point of "letting her come to me" I think that is pretty smart strategy :) thanks buddy

    • No problem man, the way I felt back in highschool- If a girl really liked me, she should approach me. It's just the way I think- because I don't like chasing games.

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  • You could try calling to see if it's the right number.

    Sounds like she's not interested. She did tell you she had a boyfriend.

  • No, something is totally wrong with the girl

    • Lol, something is wrong with the girl? Nice response. What if her phone got disconnected, maybe he texted her when she was doing something and she didn't notice. Don't blame it on the girl.

    • The only thing wrong with her is she is hot

    • Yeah she did say she had a boyfriend.

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  • I've learned the hard way only text messaging or msn messaging.

    Anything with text isn't going to cut it. Text can be lost and delayed if her cell is not under any receptions at all. Secondly, this happen a lot; she might answer it later since she it probably in class or busy. At some point she may forget to answer back.

    This is normal, is not that she forget about you. She just forget that she has a message to reply. Unless you think everyone should be obsessed to answer anyone they like.

    No, the world is not like that. Best is vocal or in person.

    • Ur so right on that point,.. yeah from my previous expereince it usually delay on texting..then I started to over analysis when actually they were busy or forgot about it..

      thanks for ur answer and ideas :) I appreciated

  • 1 Maybe she was busy, and 2 Yeah you should of called her