I'm tired of being judged for the way I look?

Have you seen these BuzzFeed viral vids of men and women complaining about how they are tired of being judged about their bodies?

Isn't it interesting that people can't just accept that others WILL judge their bodies no matter what?

Every person has preferences when it comes to body types. So, if you fall outside of what they prefer of course they will judge you.

I also find it interesting that women hate all of the expectations that men supposedly have for their bodies yet women all want a tall, dark and handsome man...

Double standards much?

Are people getting too sensitive?

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  • How are you being judged?

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What Girls Said 1

  • if you're judged I am sorry when I was in middle school some girls made fun of me for being flat chested then when my boobs did come in, they accused me of stuffing my bra. It ruined me for years and I am 17 and am still building myself back up

    • I am dead serious at least now I can talk about it without getting emotional but I think that looking back, I am glad for the experience I can now sympathize with people who have been bullied because I have but whenever I tell people I was bullied they are surprised.

      like I was reading a book before school started in my school's commons and I met a new girl we talked and at some point she asked me if I had been bullied after her surprised reaction, the first thing she said was but you're so pretty and nice.

What Guys Said 3

  • We're humans. We judge each other based on appearance, on plenty of other things other than simple attraction. We wouldn't be alive otherwise as sad is may sound. There are limits you have to draw for instance, and you gotta remind yourself that no one is making themselves any happier by judging you for whatever you've got.

  • People treat you way better when you well-maintained and its like you become invisible if you're not.

  • Buzzfeed isn't meant to be taken seriously forget about it.