For girls who are into fitness and weightlifting, how big do you want your guys to be?

I know a lot of girls say they don't care about how much muscle a guy has, but I know that girls who are into fitness and weightlifting do care. I'm just curious how big they like their guys to be. I lift weights about 5 times a week, but I'll never get as big or as cut as the guys in the magazines because I do not want to use drugs.


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  • Personally I prefer the lean look, muscle definition is more important to me than size. Of course I like fit guys but too big is a turn off for me.


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  • i feel you bro! i was gonna ask this!!!
    There is this beautiful girl at the gym but i am afraid she would want a bigger bro!

    I am a Brotege, i think she wants a Brofessor if you know what i am saying


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  • Okay. Have you ever seen Kai Greene? Or Jay Cutler? Yep, that big!!

    • Oh yeah & CT Fletcher has amazing workouts that involve no drugs!

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    • I'm tiny by your standards. I'm 6'0" and 210. I used to be really fat (~300 lbs) and I've lost the fat and tried to build my body back up. Ideally, I'd like to be about 220 with low body fat (not competition shredded), which I think is realistic without drugs.

    • Jay Cutler is not practical or sustainable.

  • My last serious boyfriend was into bodybuilding and looked best between 180-210, I think. He was around 6'0. When he got much bigger than that, he had a hard time staying somewhat trim and also seemed kind of overwhelmingly large to be under, haha.


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