He's finally trying to talk to me!!! Now what do I do?

Okay, so the guy I like has finally tried to talk to me... Well, actually. I don't know. Since about a month ago, me and a guy I work with have been talking a little more than usual. We've been making little jokes over the phone to each other whenever I've had to call him or he's had to call me. However I saw it as just banter even though I wanted it to be more!! A week ago, on Friday , I added him on Facebook and he accepted, I messaged him but I've had no reply, so i ended up deleting the message. This week, he hasn't been at work until today and this morning he had rang us just to find out what extension to dial when he wants reception - My colleague answered and dealt with it. After a while I had a call and needed to speak to him to find out what was going on so I could help a customer, I had called him and had to call him back to say I had sorted it - both times, I just talked about work and everything. Then I had to call him to ask for a copy of a certificate he has of mine. He said he'd sort it, and when I was on my lunch, he had rang down to say he had what I had asked for (apparently that's all he'd say and told my colleague it'd make sense to me!!!) When I came back from my lunch, he had come down and the copy was folded up, so I just said something about it but didn't say thank you or anything (i was kinda rude, not in a serious way but still) when he had come back from his lunch, I had rang him to apologize and say thank you to him, but I was being very short and kept saying 'anyway, thank you' and trying to cut the conversation off - but he kept trying to make conversation!! The second I called and said sorry, he came with things about how rude I was, joking around too!! He never usually does that, so I'm thinking that me being kinda off makes him want to talk more or something idek... ANYWAY, WHAT DO I DO NOW? Now he's finally making a bit of an effort?


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  • He is being friendly