Should I try and get this girl?

I met this girl at the library at my university on February 25, didn't really pay much attention to her since I had a midterm to study for but I did notice that she has a nice butt. On March 2 I saw her again at the library but I didn't recognize her while she recognized me and said hello. All I saw was a really cute girl saying hi to me, turns out she has nice breasts as well. So I went up to her asked if I knew her from somewhere, she seemed kinda upset and told me how we sat right next to each other on February 25. She remembered everything I said on that day even my name.

Since I was in a hurry to get to my next class I asked her if she wanted to have a coffee sometime since I thought she was kinda cute. She looked very confused, and asked for my number instead of giving hers.

I later realized that I messed up, but I was proud of myself for approaching her since this was the first time I approached a girl.

I might see her again at the library on Monday since we seem to go there at around the same time.

Should I apologize for coming of as creepy and tell her that I just wanted to get to know her first? That is why I suggested coffee since you can learn a lot about a person through the type of drink they choose and I find coffee places to be a good place to talk.


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  • I actually find this pretty funny. Do you know that this girl is interested in you? She could just be a friendly person by nature. I'd just talk to her again in the library if you get the chance and try to determine if she's interested. Maybe try to notice more about her than her boobs and butt.

    • I could never tell if a girl is interested in me. I've been told I'm good looking so many times that I feel that people were just messing with me, so now whenever someone says it I don't believe them.

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    • So do you think I should do it? Apologize and try to ask her out again. I like that she is studying chemistry since I wouldn't want to date a girl that wants to go into a stereotypical female field. She said she doesn't know what she wants to be yet but that is also something I find attractive since I don't either. I'm sure if I try to focus on her face which is less attractive that it shouldn't be a problem. Overall she is an 8/10 which is quite rare and the only rating I go for.

    • I think that you should try to talk to her more and if she seems like your sort of gal, then go ahead and ask her again. She already appears to have quite a few of your desired attributes.

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