Girls, you want to look attractive but can only use one of the items in the poll, which one?

You have a night out with your guy (or a guy you want to seduce) and want to look attractive.

But, you can only use one of the "tools" in the poll. Chosing one excludes the three others from your outfit.

Curious to also hear your creative solutions to cope with what you have to miss...

  • Make-up
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  • High heels
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  • Garter belt stockings
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  • A sexy top
    Vote D
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Well considering the fact that I keep all natural and never wear make-up, I do have heels but I only wear them for special occasions, I had no idea what garter belt stockings were and I actually had to look it up not to mention I don't/couldn't wear those even if I wanted to...

    It's pretty obvious that I went with option D a sexy top. So how to attract a guy I'm sure the right kind of top will do it, because I'll be honest that's the first thing guys seem to notice about me. If not they're the first favorite thing about me.

    But honestly it doesn't just take a revealing shirt. Or any of the other things that you listed to help seduce a guy... It's all about body language!

    -slight one eye brow raised
    -eye wink
    -twirling hair
    -slight smirk
    -lick my lips
    -bite tiny bit of lip
    -face forward but look off to the side with your eyes
    -finger holding on lower from the lower lip dangling slightly

    But if you don't take my word for it my profile pic will vouch for me.

    • Haha yeah your profile pic illustrates perfectly what you mean. I like it... it looks like acting in a romantic movie! Good job :-)

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    • Well I wouldn't really call them "successes"... considering that's not really my intention (well expect when answering this question) but apparently my profile pic has had that affect on some guys online and elsewhere.

      They say I like to "tease them" or whatever but to me I just took and posted a picture, but I will admit it was/is kind of seductive. At least on the bright side it helped me get most helpful.

      But besides that your question was about that we had a night out and wanted to seduce a guy. Well looking attractive is a no brainer because he has to find you somewhat physically attractive... Right? Right, and the problem with that is you're just another pretty face there's nothing separating you from the rest. So like I said you have to stand out and believe me those tips can make a girl stand out.

    • Sure I believe you! And thanks for the additional info :-)

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What Girls Said 23

  • I would probably go for a sexy dress but I said sexy top since that's the closest haha

    • ... or since a sexy dress is not on the list it's not excluded if you choose one of the other 4!
      So, you could combine the dress with the high heels, the stockings or the make up... oh my goodness the guy will be at your feet :-)

  • I don't wear makeup nor high heels. So I can cope without those. Tops don't look sexy on me anyways, my boobs are too small for that. I guess I'd have to go with garter belts and stockings.

    • Haha guys love those so no worries you'll be popular :-)
      Don't know if garter belt stockings are popular in the USA but here in Europe you only rarely see them. Most girlls who wear horiery, wear pantyhose.

  • hmm.. i think id pick the top because thats my best area.

    • Yeah many like the top! It may take 2 days to make it to Australia but it's on its way Anna :-)

    • they do? makeup seems very popular:P
      haha oh, i didn't know it'd be sent over? ok then!

    • Haha yeah the make-up thing is funny, I think many who chose make-up in the poll did not leave an opinion. Based on the opinions I'd have thought tops were the most popular :-)

  • Those in the know are aware guys look in this order
    face (makeup)
    calves (heels)
    Thighs (garters)
    then again. again

    • Aha! That's interesting, thanks for clarifying that :-)

  • I'd use some makeup - mostly just mascara and concealer (these dark circles aren't going to disappear by themselves)... :P

    • Haha first time a girls tells me something about her dark circles :-)
      How's your hair doing, did the advise people give to your hair question help? Just curious... saw the question but don't think I could find an appropriate answer so only read it...

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    • One opinion I found intriguing was the "hair braid trick": to do it in a braid for the night and than have it curly for the day as a consequence.
      If that works it would be a surprise haha :-)

    • Yeah, I tried it... but since my hair isn't that long right now (a little past my shoulders) a braid wouldn't do much unfortunately. :/
      But thank you for thinking of it. =)

  • I don't really ever wear make up so that's not a problem. High heels either lol. So out of the garter belt and sexy top, I picked the top because... well because I have great boobs lol.

  • Vote D because my boobs are my best asset.

    I hardly wear makeup as is now, I can't walk in heels, and I don't care for garter belt stockings.

    • So far D is popular... I'll run out of tops hahaha :-)

  • i would choose the garter!! yeah!

    • Most guys love those... and some girls have the talent to pull their skirt 10 cm up and play with the garter belt... to notice the guy's mount fall open hahaha.

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    • You're welcome. It always makes me happy when the people who always give nice and serious answers become moderator... it feels like the right people getting rewarded for a good job.
      Let's moderate and have fun on here :-)

  • So make up, i dont wear it,
    High heels, only wore them once... (uncomfortable)
    Stockings, i would never wear those...
    So a sexy top it is ;)

    (really really small chance i might consider wearing heels with my teddy, so there's not that much difference in height...)

    I could also just not wear heels, he probably doesn't matter about me being shorter anyway, so why try to cheat my length ;)

    Voted D

    • Haha make sure it works, there are so many sparks between you and you teddy that I can only wish for both of you that that sexy top will do the job :-)
      Have you ever tried things like pumps and stockings? Just curious, you also said you'd never wear a dress except if mandatory for the occasion... does it look bad on you or is it just an outfit you don't like?

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    • Haha, but he's my teddy... *gets extremely nervous* hahaha, wanna look and feel good when i send him pic ;) and well, he probably will like everything as long as its me in the pic :3

    • Oh and if he really wants me to wear it, then i might try once, just for him, just for a little while (or a bit longer if he really really likes it hahaha)

  • The top for sure. I'm no fan of heels, I can play it smooth without the help of the garter and I'm not dependent of makeup. Plus the top will score me some points because there's my great area.

    • Aha, the right choice to accentuate your strengths! Damn I'm gonna run out of tops haha. They're very popular :-)

  • Makeup.
    Just a little for the polish. I'm all about the face lol.

  • Don't need high heels.
    Stockings: would never wear those.
    Stuck between sexy top and makeup hehe... But I guess makeup it is! All I need is a bit of mascara, eyeliner and lip gloss and I'm done :)

    • Consider it done... a massive beauty case is on its way :-)

  • Make up 6000%

    Pfsh, all you need to wear is lipstick. Outfit complete ;)


    • Haha I see, thanks for explaining :-)
      It's night now but tomorrow when I see a girl I'll look at the lips and judge on the lipstick, hahaha!

  • A sexy top.

  • id pick make up haha

    • It's on its way, the whole assortment haha :-)
      Believe it or not, this is what google gave me back for "large beauty case"... hope you can carry some weight?

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    • sounds good! haha

    • I can see it happen: they stare at your face, jealous as they are, and in a few swift movements you dribble the whole crowd... goal nr 3 of you hattrick that day :-)

  • Make-up is the only thing I use out of these so I choose that one.

  • High heels. I don't wear makeup, garter belts, or sexy tops

    • Nice! How high can you cope with.
      I asked that question about a year ago and think about 7.5 inches was the record length :-)

    • Maybe 4 inches. Never tried anything past that

    • Don't feel ashame, I would survive 0.5 IN :-)

  • I would choose high heels :D

    • Thanks Mei, you make me happy you know... everyone wanted the top so my stock was running very low haha :-)

    • :) I think many girls chose makeups though :D

    • Yeah it's remarkable, according to the poll yes... but I think many who voted A did not leave an opinion. Among the people I've interacted with the top was very popular :-)
      Or I'm a little delirious today, that's also possible hahaha...

  • Stockings are so attractive!

  • Probably make-up

    • Yeah, make-up and the top are the most popular choices... my stock of high heels and garter belt stockings will not get sold haha :-)

  • Makeup of course :(.

    • Haha, will it be a little bit or a bucket load?

    • A little bit, only on my eyes, fortunately I have a nice skin and I dont need more makeup.

    • That's nice to hear... you guy will have the night of his life haha.

  • Make-up, to hide my imperfections

    • No worry, we all have those... take care of your positive attitude and smile :-)
      Those are major assets, the "little imperfections" are far less important!

  • None
    Honestly none
    I don't need nor want any of those
    Give me a pair of jeans
    A white or black v neck t shirt
    And either some flats
    Or sporty sneakers
    And I'm Haooy while looking good

    • No problem! Thanks for your opinion :-)

    • But if I had to choose out would be make up just give me some eyeliner mascara and lip gloss and I'll be good to go

What Guys Said 3

  • basically they don't need any of these stuff in order to look attractive in my opinion.

    the ycan be attractive as they are ;-)

    • That's true, my question was about the toolbox that would help... but I agree: natural beauty is the most beautiful thing there is.

  • I think girls who wear less make up and have natural beauty are. sexy.

  • Whichever is most flattering.

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