Boy trouble plz advise!!

okay so I normally don't join online dating site but I recently became single and due to a hectic work schedule have had trouble meeting eligible men. a friend advised to join a free dating site, so I did just that for fun. I met this really cute european fashion designer online he is in my city for fashion week and indirectly suggested we meet up. now he lives in the states and will likely fly back in a couple of weeks. I think he might be looking for a fling..although he jokingly said he'd consider moving here if he fell in love lolll ne ways sounds rather cheesy I know. he is really hot though

should I go see him? even though I will not be considering any thing if it isn't serious or is that man gonna hurt me and leave and thus isn't worth the time/ I'm not looking to just have sex

throw your input



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  • Like with meeting any person online, there are precautions with flexing the truth. Now if he is consistently on the move, he is more likely not to want to settle down, and just want something casual or less.


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