How would you answer these questions if you were on a dating game show?

1. If you were too cook me dinner what would you make? Impress me. I want details. Appetizer, Entrée and Dessert.

2. I love to read. What book would you give me as a gift?

3. We are going on vacation. Where would you take me?


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  • My meal would be Italian themed simply because they are supposed to be so romantic. To start after a cold glass of Bubbly Prosecco would.
    Anti pasto misto.
    A wonderful mix of cold thinly sliced cured hams and chorizo sausage with chargrilled zucchini and red peppers, sundried tomatoes , fungi, olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Served with warm rosemary and cracked sea salt focachia bread.
    Main would be. Sea food Paella this is actually a Spanish dish but I was taught a recipe by an Italian friend.
    Arborio rice , butter and olive oil, one large oinion. Home made fish stock , mixed sea food, calamari, prawns, muscles, scallops. Peas, tomatoes and sweet red peppers.
    There are four things that need to happen to make a great paella. 1 good quality saffron soaked in bubbly wine to draw out its delicate flavor and intense colour. 2 . Presentation large shell on prawns laid out in a pattern with crap claws on the top and a spring or two of flat leaf parsley.
    3 . You must have the right pan and an open fire. To give it a woody hint to the surface.
    4. Most importantly. Once it is all laid out and cooking you must leave it alone. Your knowledge of how long to cock it is critical. Not to long so the sea food gets rubbery but long enough for the rice to cook. Most importantly long enough for the crispy bottom crust to form" Socarrat".
    It is where all the seafood flavours intensify.
    Desert. Only one for me. Dark bitter 85% chocolate souffle served with strawberries and cream.

    A book of hand written erotica

    Vacation. The Amalfi coast Italy. Check it out stunning.


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  • 1. I'd prepare a loaded potato soup filled with cheese, bacon, and of course potato topped off with a bit of parsley. And freshly baked bread and butter to go on the side as your appetizer:

    For your meal I'll prepare you a savory pasta dish. With juicy but tender chicken breast and sizzling sautéd shrimp. With a rather tangy seasoned sauce on the pasta and topped off with sizzling cheese and bell peppers... It's a little number I like to call Cajun Chicken and Shrimp Pasta. It's sure to get your mouth watering ;)

    Last but certainly not least I'd end your meal with a hot fudge brownie sundae I like to call the TrippleAce Chocolate Meltdown. It a moist molten chocolate cake that will literally melt in your mouth, but not only that as soon as you stick your spoon in it to grab a scoop the chocolatey gooey goodness ooses out. And of course right by its side is the volcano of ice cream ready to erupt. Topped off with hot fudge, chocolate syrup, and icing:

    2. I'll be 100% complete honest with you. Reading isn't my thing. Of course I can I just prefer not to do it in my spare time. I much rather spend my time cuddling up with you on the couch watching a movie that was based off of a book or taking you out to the theater watching the movie based off of your favorite book and grabbing a bite to eat afterwards. I may not enjoy reading but isn't that what makes relationships interesting? You don't want to date yourself.

    3. Where would I take you? That's hard there's so many amazing places to go... there's Hawii, France, Britian, Italy, etc. Honestly I would let you pick because I'm sure as long as I'm with you I'll enjoy myself but if you insist that I choose I guess I'll go with Paris, France it is known for love and romance.


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  • 1. Slow your roll, girl. We eat one course around these parts. Appetizers are called snacks, and you'd better not be grubbing before I cook for you. Also, you don't need desert. Why don't you let yourself digest your meal for a bit before trying to stuff your face again? I'm throwing down grilled chicken marinated in Italian dressing with Jasmine rice and some fresh broccoli. You don't like it, take your ass down to hometown buffet.

    2. Read The Night Circus. Fantastic romance novel.

    3. Any day can be a vacation. It all depends on your mentality. Personally, I like going to gambling towns. Vegas, Reno, Ruidoso. I'm actually headed out to Ruidoso, New Mexico at the tail end of June. The Inn of The Mountain Gods is calling my name.

    • 1. Rude
      2. Have heard of that, is on my list.
      3. Gambling is fun, but have gone too often for vacation. Looking for something new.

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    • Some people like to have more than one course and there is nothing wrong with it. You can be less rude. A Caribbean Island, Ireland, Italy etc would be nice to go to instead of a gambling town.

    • I am not rude unless I am spoken to rudely. I said impress me in my question simply because it is a competition. I would never tell someone to do so if I were in an actual dating situation.

      And yes, I normally do not eat three course meals, but this is special.

      All three of those vacation spots sound great!


  • 1) We'll eat french fries with ketchup

    2) We'll read Jack and the Beanstalk

    3) We'll go to Hawaii

  • Hmm i'm not one for apatizers but i would go something like cream of tomato soup

    Main would either be chicken cooked in a pasta sauce served with either pasta or wedges and mixed veg, or Spaghetti Bolonase with added garlic (just a couple of pinches) with some mint thrown in

    Dessert: May some form of cheesecake or an attempt at créme brulé

    2. Hmm not much of a reader but something by Issac Asimov (Sci-Fi)

    3. Vacation is something i can sink my teeth into Domincan republic to sample Dominican Bahcata (dance) or somewhere in Italy (not venice... to cliché)

    • I am a garlic fan. Spaghetti Bolognese sounds good. Cheesecake is excellent. Never had créme brulé.
      Not a sci-fi fan.
      I love dancing. That sounds like fun!

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    • Very nice musical taste! I like it!

    • Why thank you miss

  • 1. I make a mean sandwich. My cereal making skills are legendary. And you haven't lived until you have had the toast I make.

    2. Dating for Dummies (my own personal, autographed copy)

    3. A week in NYC.

    • 1. Enh. Need a man can throw it down in the kitchen.
      2. I like actual literature. Don't need a how to manual.
      3. Have never been, would be nice to experience it.

    • I am totally kidding, except about #3!
      Completely serious about #3.

    • It's cool! It is not a serious question!
      It came across as humorous. I am just looking for actual answers for MHO. That is all. A sense of humor is a plus!

  • 1. You pick the ingredients, I'll find a way to make it work.

    2. What Men Don't Talk About, by Maggie Hamilton.

    3. I'm going to take you for a lap around the supermarket. If I can't make you laugh during the tour, then we're not meant to be.

    • Haha, nice vacation choice! I will have to check out that book. Seems like something I would read for sure.

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  • 1. For an appetizer I'd make you Tostino's Pizza rolls. The main course would be fried PBnJ sandwiches and chocolate milk. Dessert would be smores.

    2. Definitely "Where The Wild Things Are".

    3. For vacation we're going to Disney World, duhhh.

    • Interesting. Haha.
      I love "Where The Wild Things Are"
      Never been to Disney World. Will be hopefully going this October.

    • Disney is so funnnn! I haven't been since I was 13. I miss it.

  • I would make you a.. i don't know i am a horrible cook. but I can order something
    i will give you Lidia's italian cook book
    I will take you to st lucia

  • 1. For starter I would serve mini quiches. For main I would serve Macaroni cheese served with a fine wine. Then for dessert I would serve brownies.

    2. Eragon

    3. Italy

    • 1. Interesting combinations, there. All good.
      2. My sister read that book. I was not a fan of the movie, but would give it a shot.
      3. Italy is in my top 5.