I'm a boring texter and I think she feels the same?

I'm currently talking to this girl I really like, but I feel like when we text it's so uninteresting. She says she loves talking to me and I love talking to her. We hang out a lot and always have fun. When we talk on the phone or Skype, we talk for hours literally.

But I feel like my texts are so dull.. I know that can be a turn-off for most.. what can I do? I just prefer to talk rather than text, you know?


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  • Im in this situation i love to talk face to face but when you can't i need to be kept interested through text and as of late the guy im seeing is loosing my interest due to this. I try to initiate text asking what he is upto but he is so blunt it's hard to keep going with the effort. It feels like he can't be bothered with me.

    • You need to get better text patter lol

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    • No because I text the guy im seeing a lot and get very little back but still text thinking he may get the hint and up the txting

    • Ah yeah, I see what you're saying

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  • Get creative, man. Research recent happenings in your area and build conversations based off of that. Talk about people you both know, books you've read, shows you've watched, ideas you've had.

    You've already taken care of the hard part. She's talking to you.

    • That's true haha, thanks

    • Don't sweat it, that's what I'm here for. You actually had a decent issue/question.

  • *•* '-' '_' ×°× ÷_÷ =_= ♤~♤☆~☆ ^~^ `~`

    • I guess emoticons never fail, huh

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    • I understood what you were saying.

    • Alright making sure most people don't catch on right away