I think there is another guy, What do you think?

So I have been dating this girl for about 3 weeks now and everything seems to be great. we have had awesome dates, great conversation and she has even said she sees me as more than a friend. 2 weeks ago we had planned to see a movie and she was going to go to my bball game. about an hour and a half before we are supposed to meet up she tells me her cousin got towed and she has to help her but she should still be able to make it. 10 min before were supposed to meet up she says she won't be able to make it. Then I ask does she want to go to my game later. I get a text 45 min later saying that her sister just got caught shoplifting. then another 30 min goes by and she says she can't make it to my game. the next day everything seemed cool and she never brought up any of the events she told me about. so the next 2 weeks go great until just now. We had plans all week to hang out tomorrow and spend all day together. though out the day she seemed somewhat standoffish so I was kind of suspect of her. so I tell her ill call her to talk about plans later. I call her at about 7:30 and there was no answer. 20 min later I send her a text and I ask if I can call and she says no I'm at a football game. I asked her who was playing and she said I don't know. then I ask if we are still on for tomorrow and she says yes. I said can I call you around 10 and she said no I'm going to call you. I was like cool do you want me to pick you up at 10:30 or 11 and she responded we'll talk. 3 hours go buy and I get a random text, it said my best friend got in an accident I'm going to austin. I asked if I could call her while she was on her way there and she said no, I don't have my charger. To me it sounds like there is another guy she is messing with. What do you guys think.

Oh yea that same sunday night 2 weeks ago she called me and I told her I would call her back later that night. when I called no answer I called an hour later no answer. then I sent her a text and her roommate answered back. saying she had to run out to go
to her moms house because of family issues this was late on a sunday night and she had to be to work the next day. it just sounds like there is another guy.


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  • maybe she ain't interested in you no more? ands she wants you to UNDERSTAND that? look, it might be a little hurting for you to accept the fact, but it MIGHT be the case, right? yes guy or no guy in her life, she needs you less than she did before.

    so instead of doing all the texting and calling, why don't you give her some space? you are bugging her a lot. give her little space. let her decide what she wants. sit back and relax. let HER take a step forth now. if she comes back to you she is yours. and if she does not, hit the streets again! :)

  • yes, she probably isn't that interested in you in the first place. like they say, talk is cheap.

    i too am in a new relationship and the guy I'm seeing makes time for me even tho he works 12 hour days sometimes, and I do the same for him because I can't get enough of his company. sometimes you have to trust your gut instinct with these things and hey, its new so no harm, no foul. :)


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