Does this mean he's losing his hopes on me?

There's a guy named Alex and lately he has been so cool and nice to me. I meet him 6 months ago but the last 3 weeks he has been acting different, he hugs me more than the normal, he always want to grab my waist and wherever I go he goes there, and it seems that he's making and effort for me to notice him, he's so cute, but i am mean with him sometimes, and my friends tell me that I act like if I didn't care about him when he's around and they say that is rude. That I should go and establish a convo with him and stuff, but I don't know how, I am shy when he's around, and I'm starting to have a crush back on him. But today, he just said hi, he didn't hug me, he just treated me like anybody else, like if I was irrelevant to him. I heard him saying that he had a hangover today, and I understand that, you're not in the mood for anything, but it's just sad that today I didn't exist for him. And that kind of hurts. Does this mean he's not interested on me anymore?


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  • You think you can be rude to someone and they will spend there whole life chasing you... If after some time I dont get positive feedback to my advances I leave too...


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