Do guys really get too intimidated to give attention to a girl?

I was talking to my friend the other day and it came up in conversation that I apparently have a "sexy librarian" thing going on (because I wear glasses, braid my hair, and I'm really quiet, I guess). And he was talking about how I don't know what that does to guys. So I admitted that I don't get much attention from guys, and he said it's because I'm intimidating. That it's because (to paraphrase) I'm really pretty, and I look like I've got my shit together, which is part of the sexy librarian vibe. His words.

That just sounds like b. s. to me, honestly. If I were actually that pretty, wouldn't guys be hitting on me more? Is the whole "intimidation" line just a well-intentioned lie, or is this actually an issue?


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  • I don't know, there's a possibility that guys assume you have a boyfriend. I really do think there's a certain type of hot girl that doesn't know she is, because guys are afraid to make it known, maybe because she takes herself seriously.


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