How do I tell him I don't like him?

By the way I suck at spelling and grammer.

There is a boy in my class that told my best friend he likes me. So she came and told me that he likes me but I don't feel the same way. So on Valentine's day he sent me some candy but he didn't put his name on it. But I know it was him bc my friend told me.

A few weeks later around 1 or 2. A different friend told me to add this person on snapchat so I did. And it turns out it was the guy who likes me. So he snapped me and said who is this gurl and I sent a pic of myself and said this chick and he didn't send back.

So about a few days ago he send me a message on snap chat saying what's up. And we talked for the a bit tell I had to go.

Last weekend he snapped by friend asking if I liked him and she lied and said she doesn't know.

On Wednesday he was talking to a guy that used to like me and we kinda talked

( by the way the guy I WAS talking to was te first guy who ever talked to me and I didn't know what to do but go along with it even tho I didn't like him).

After he got done talking to my "ex" he came and sat by me and my friends and started talking to me. Then schooled got canceled bc of bad weather that was sposed to come. And when I got home he snapped me ago but I was asleep so I didn't send back. But later that night I sent back and we talked.

So today we were talking and I was putting my stuff in my school bag and he just dropped candy bars in my bag then said bye and left.

By the way we are juniors.


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  • Just be honest.

    • So I should just come out and say that I don't feel that way? Is there am easier way I could say it?

    • Brevity is best.

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  • Tell him that you just want to be frands or something and if he keeps going tell him to fuck off


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  • Tell him, "Sorry dude, I don't like you like that".

    • That's what I was thinking

  • just be honest

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