Is he over me? And what happened?

There's this guy I've been texting for a while now and we finally went on a date, it went well then the next week we went on a second date and I thought that went well and he seemed into me. But then he didn't text me and I got really bored one night (about 4days later) and texted him 'hey' he then answered me the next day (he always answers really late). His answer wasn't cold or distant at all and I want to know if he's just over me and was trying to ignore me...
How do I know if a date went well? Like what are the signs?
On our date we were cuddling and made out a couple times (first time I initiated then the next couple times he did) he also did forehead kisses, then at the end of the date he walked me home and we live in Minnesota so it's really cold for him to walk home and all...

So to sum it up: is he over me and how do you tell if a guy likes you on a date?


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  • If your on his mind then he'll contact you I promise =) Don't chase him tho