So this girl I like came to a baseball game today?

this girl came to a game today and her parents odnt want her dating. we have been talking for like 5 months and she kept on looking at me and smiling does that mean that she likes me but can't show it because her parents were present or nah


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  • I think she likes you, definitely if she took the time to come to one of your games. And especially if she's been talking to you that long, yes.. Her parents are just in the way of her dating you.

    • what would be your advice to make it where we can date

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    • thank you i will but i dont know if she likes me like that thats the problem

    • It would never hurt to ask though

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  • Since you've been talking to her for that long she probably came to the game to support you as a friend

    • i wasn't playing her brother was on the team but she never shows up unless she knows im going

    • I still think y'all are just friends

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  • I don't know

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