Why do I dream of this guy I have moved on from?

I liked him for 3 years, really really liked him, but for those 3 years I never once dreamt of him. I've only just recently moved on for good i think and now my mind wants to torture me by dreaming of him constantly...

Why is this?


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  • If you were over him, it wouldn't be torturing you, but I digress...

    In Sigmund Freud's "Dream Psychology," he states that the people you contrive in your dreams are not representative of the people themselves, rather, they are stand-ins which embody some sort of abstraction. This means that they are merely symbolic figures which manifest themselves as faces in your dream.

    For example, if one is having really bad trust issues in a relationship, they won't dream about their partner cheating on them, they will dream about someone, a bad father lets say, in their past who encompass "mistrust," and in the dream he will steal from you, or something similar.

    Every dream is very unique, so a more elaborate interpretation would be needed to get into any detail. However, you can begin to think about what he might represent to you. Perhaps he represents what is unattainable, or devotion, or that which is desirable.

    So next time someone says they had a dream about you, take some time to dissect the dream, you may discover something profound about your connection with them, but remember, just because your face was in the dream doesn't mean the dream had anything to do with you.

    If you want to give me a more detailed account of your dreams, I would love to help analyze them with you.

    • Thanks for this i'd actually love for you analyze it... I wish I remembered all of them as i have been having quite a few but i forgot them. The most reason one was me walking down the street with one of his girl friends who happened to be my friend apparently ( i have never talked to this girl in real life) and she told me that she liked him and she kept repeating his name and being like do you know that guy... and that's as far as I remember there was more and I remember being annoyed in my dream but yeah if I have another one I will tell you lol. Can you analyze this one?

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    • We were outside walking on a side walk and she mentioned his name and then it jumped to me seeing him... that's all i remember

    • Well, that is all I could think of. You can probably come up with a more in-depth understanding... I hope it was helpful anyway.

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  • Maybe it's supposed to mean that you're supposed to end up with him

  • dreams could be your subconscious' way of telling you something. maybe now that you've moved on your mind is telling you that you aren't actually ready

    • I've been thinking about him for 3 freaking years I am ready to finally move on and my subconscious mind wants me to back track? why brain why :(

    • if you keep having the dream, your mind might just be telling you that you're not ready to move on