Is he bored, busy, or both?

I met this guy on a dating site back in August of 2014. He's super sweet and everything i wanted in a man. We officially met up in November and clicked right away. I still live at home and rely mostly on my parents still but am over the age of 18. back in January we hit a rough patch due to some family obstacles that couldn't be crossed at that time so we chose to take a small break (although we never stopped being in contact). A few weeks back we decided to officially get back together and I was beyond happy!
Things started to change after he got a new job working in food service. It's been months since he's told me I'm pretty, beautiful or even cute. This week was supposed to be "our week" since I have a short break from school we were going to have so much more time to spend together! But instead we've barely talked and he hasn't even made an effort to hang out. I've been a mess, I just feel so betrayed,
This afternoon I was talking with a male friend about this situation and he commented that it seems like he's bored with the relationship. I was kind if stunned by this! I mean how is that possible I bent over backwards for him. So now I'd like to know your thoughts... Is he bored busy or both?


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  • If some genuinely wants to be with you, they will sacrifice some time for you. It seems you are both drifting apart.

    • Yep, the family stuff drove us apart

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  • maybe both. he did barely just start a new job, that can take a lot out of a person and be very stressful. relationships also get boring when things become to routine. try to spice things up a bit. do something spontaneous, different, new to make it fresh again. :)