Are long distance relationships worth it?

I've known this guy since I was 12 and he was 15. Its been 11 years and we are still into each other. We've almost gotten together twice but things got in the way. Thing is he moved 12 hours away about a year ago and I broke up with my ex a few months ago. This guy and I are great friends no matter what but we want more and aren't sure about the distance. We get jealous at the thought of the other one with someone else. He has said he wants me to be the one he wakes up to and that he can make me happy and that we could have a great life together. He's like no one I've known before and we get along unbelievably well. He makes life seem easier and possible as long as I have him by my side. He keeps a smile on my face and every time I've seen him (which was several times a week usually) he makes me catch my breathe, my heart race, and I get butterflies. My heart aches at the thought of not having him. Anyone been in a ldr and had it work out? What has been your experience?


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  • They are if you want it bad enough and if you don't stop putting in effort.

    If you truly love him, want him, and are willing to one day move out of where you're at or if he's willing to move out of where he lives one day (even if it's to somewhere only a couple hours away), then it will work.

    • The reason why I say that at least one of you has to be willing to move is because the most important factor in making a long distance relationship work is to CLOSE THE DISTANCE.

      Let's say that a guy lives in Colorado and the girl lives in Virginia. Unless the girl is willing to move out of Virginia and to Colorado (or vice versa for the guy), or unless they are BOTH willing to move out of their respective states and move to a different one (like Texas for example), the relationship WILL eventually fail.

    • It doesn't have to be NOW for you to move out. The relationship could go on for months or even years before one or both of you are able to relocate to another location in order to be together. But if you both NEVER plan on taking that step, it will eventually end.

      I personally would be willing to move to another state to be with the girl I love if I were in an LDR. I live in Florida right now and I am planning on one day leaving Florida anyway, so it wouldn't be a huge loss for me.

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  • no. waste of time.

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