Are some shy/introverted girls just not into texting/communication?

So a few weeks back I started dating this girl who I knew from the get go was really, really on the shy/reserved side. This is a first for me, but it doesn't really matter because we have fun together and I like her.

The first few times we went out, we both got somewhat drunk and she opened up a bit, saying how much she liked me, wanted to date me etc, and we fooled around but didn't have sex. I wasn't really sure whether to chalk this up to drunken ramblings or whether this was her actual feelings just opening up since she had a few drinks.

Due to our work schedules, we're mostly only able to see each other on weekends, but one thing I noticed was that we basically won't have any contact during the week. The times I've texted her during the week its been pretty dry, short conversations, but knowing her personality this seems somewhat unsurprising. I basically text my guy friends much more frequently than her. She also seems to detest talking on the phone (which is good, because I do too)

I'm totally fine with this, since when we do get together its been (so far) great and thats really all that matters, but just wanted to see if its likely that this girl simply just isn't a "texter" or if this is related to her being (at least initially) so shy and reserved, and the relationship being so new.


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  • I'm like this. Im a terrible texter, I honestly just like waiting until the next time I see my guy in person. We still text occasionally but they are very light conversations compared to when we are actually together. I still like him a lot even though I don't text him.


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  • You are so lucky!


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