How do you stay just friends with a girl you like?

I like this girl but she is in a relationship. We both connect well and I can tell she likes me.

At this point in time, however, she isn't going to break up her relationship for me and I don't expect her to. However, I have class with her and see her often. How can I stay just friends with her?

There may be potential in the future. So I need be careful and not get to close. Any tips on avoiding being friendzoned?

Any tips on how I can handle this situation?


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  • You gotta just let her be, the only choice you have is to be a good friend and no more than that cause if she does have a boyfriend, well then you practically are friendzoned already...


What Guys Said 1

  • Stand aside and let her have her relationship. But also make her feel like she can confide in you. And give her good advice if she asks. Don't try to push her to split up with him, try to help her and if she can't work it out she'll remember that you were there for her.