Does who you hang out with affect your choice of the people you choose to date?

Wondering for guys and girls, if the members of the opposite sex you hang out with have a certain standard in the look department, does it influence who you might see as a potential date when you are on your own (either trying to hit on someone in a public venue or online dating)?

Say if your friends are all 8 and above (on a scale of 10) and out of your league, would you still try to look for someone with similar looks?

  • Yes, I actively look for someone of similar standards and will not pursue anything further with anyone else
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  • No, the good old it's what inside that counts even if I recognize they are not as good looking as my friends I would still give it a go
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  • Don't really know, but so far all people I have dated are of similar standards
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  • Don't really know, but have dated people above and below
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  • I just want to see the result
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  • It really depends on who you talk to. Who I hang out with has basically no influence on what types of guys I like. So I mean some people do have that, others don't.


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