Where do I meet women who like shy guys?

I never no what to say to women I hate rejection comes from when I was a baby rejected from my mom Been rejected my whole life by women every one say to wait but im really tired of it I've had 1 true gf my entire life and it's been 3 years i no not religiousand my alcohol tolerance is so low that is impossible to go to a bar and have a convocation with a women off one 1 beer how ever I can smoke as much weed as I want and not feel a thing take about 20 pack bowls to start hitting me my friends don't know anyone I've tried online about ready to give up on that because I keep getting hit up by women across the country and not in my area ( mainly the south) and I work grave and no women on grave so other then waiting and online dating what should I do I really tired of waiting and really tired of online dating since I have 0 luck what's so ever in my areA what should I do


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  • "What should I do?"
    You need to use full stops.
    As for your question/vent, they are not located in a particular place. It's a hit or miss.


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  • shy girls? this is a difficult question. they do not have a particular place they meet. but you can find them everywhere

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