Girls, short guy question. What do you feel when the following happens?

A short guy has got his girl. I am a tad short and have had this but I am referring to a guy I saw who was shorter and way thinner than me. The girl is pretty ( proof that short guys can get a girl). But what happens when you are out and this big massive guy blatantly hits on you in front of your guy and there is nothing he can do? Or he can do something but will probably end up with a massive ICU bill. It's happened to me before and she just ignored the dude. But what do women truly think of that? Same thing happened to my brother at a club but guys attacked him because the girl went for him. He was beaten pretty bad. I sometimes feel so pathetic that I couldn't Do something about it. I am just curious to see a girls comment on this?


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  • I'd be happiest with him ignoring the jerk too. Idiots who can clearly see you're with someone and still hit on you don't deserve any attention at all. They're like toddlers going with the bad attention is still attention idea.

    • That's awesome. I'm glad you see it that way. It just makes the smaller guy feel a bit insecure tho:(

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    • I know it may be stupid, but sometimes the smaller guy feels physically inferior to the guy and yeah, it sucks. We think that the girl will see this:( and it is a shot to the confidence.

    • I don't understand why it would be bad for his confidence. We all have different strengths we play to. Obviously if she wanted to date big jerks she'd already be with them instead of the shorter guy.

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  • I'm sorry but what do you mean what do we think of it?

    • Yeah, my question is vague. Basically, some of the smaller guys can't defend their girl against bigger guys. Bigger guys know this and exploit it. So generally, what do girls think of this? It happens often.

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    • Wait so your worried that the girl your with is going to leave you for a wealthier guy? So confused.

    • No:) let's say a short/small guy is with his girl. Then some badass big dude comes and hits on the girl, blatantly in front of the small guy. He can't do anything. I have also seen it often where the guy gets physically beaten if he does try stand up for himself and his girl. It effects a small guys esteem. But what do women think of this? Like how would you feel if that happened to your guy?

  • Regardless of his size, I dont like to see my guy get into a confrontation. I dont usually choose men based on how many other guys they can beat up - I usually choose someone based on how they make me feel.


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