Is he interested or just being nice?

He's a guy at work who is ~10 years older, definitely single. There seems to be some tension between us - lots of eye contact, lots of (non-work related) conversations. He's quite a quiet, reserved person in general. Seems to be a bit of mystery to the rest of the office.
He's someone I do want to get to know better, and he seems to feel the same cause we always have fun chatting. He does try to continue the conversation so it's not a one sided thing definitely.
A few weeks ago, I suggested getting a drink and he agreed, even though he didn't immediately make plans. But he did give me a vague time period during which he might be free (I've seen his schedule, he is massively busy). Eventually I asked him again for a specific time/ date and we settled on going out next week. Now I find myself getting nervous about having read all the signals wrong.
Can someone help me?


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  • Lol I'm in a very similar sitaution where I can't figure a woman out because of mixed signals. A coworker.

    • Has he mentioned having a girlfriend?

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    • He hasn't done actively to suggest that he wants to take things further except vaguely suggesting that he wants to hang out and staring... but if he agrees to go out it means he's interested right? How are things with that coworker of yours?

    • Add & I'll message you.

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