Is she shy or avoiding me? Ask her out anyways?

As I posted earlier there is a girl I like in the gym and we locked eyes once for about four seconds as I had the feeling she was always looking at me and she was when I went to look at her. So at that point I thought she was at least attracted to me. Right after that as time went on she started acting shy, by waiting until I was busy on a machine so she could walk past me and always waiting until I was done on the benches then she would go there. She has done this numerous times and looking down quickly like lightning and even smiled once at the floor if I walked by her. I finally went up to her and introduced myself so that she would know I'm interested and she smiled right away. We talked and I tried making her laugh and she laughed a lot and kept on smiling and stood very close to me. After a while though as the conversation went on she seemed she wanted to get back to her workout and I let her go so we didn't talk too long. She ended it rather abruptly even after she seemed she was having a good time. Since then I haven't seen her for over two weeks until the other night when she was there and she put her head down when she walked passed by me as I had my back to her busy doing my exercise on the bench. I saw her through the mirror. It was very noticeable. She then left the gym and I think she is coming at different times now. I'm now really confused as to whether she really likes me and is very shy or I scared her or she doesn't like me at all and I creep her out? This is so confusing as I really like her. Was she waiting for me when we were talking to ask her out? I don't understand this at all and I'm not sure if I should just go up to her again and ask her out.


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  • To be honest, she doesn't like u. If she liked u, she would have come to gym at an earlier time and would have stayed till u're gone.. she wouldn't have leftthe oppurtunity to talk to u.
    sorry but there r many girls out there. good luck :)


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