Girls your personal honest answer?

I was 22 seeing a 18 year old. She wanted nothing serious (w/e the fak that mean). She'dtease when drunk (touch me, send me pics, dirty dance, make out, dirty talk) but still no sex since she was a "virgin" and wanted to wait. We kept it pg-13 dating until it was our 8th month dating/anniversary. That night i tried sexing her because i got tired of waiting. I also seen i was loosing her (no more making out, touching and only peck kisses, she began to flirt around). She ended up getting mad with me because i came too strong and dumped me that night. She then left to college but we kept in touch. I will see pics of her flirting, dirty dancing on dudes and partying and drinking (college life). She even now has tatoos and a tongue piercing. Not that matters but she comes from a college educated fam vs my family in the ghetto.

Today i'm now 24 and she's now 20. She still say's she's a virgin? She keeps saying she won't put out etc and feels threaten by other girls when i talk to them. She could be just a tease but I don't know.

She dirty talks example

Me: I wonder how i can get paid more this summer?

Her: hmmm by $ukin d! ck

another example

Her: baby can you buy me a slice of pizza and i will $uck your d1ck?

Me: Sorry not today not home (i was 200 miles away at the time)


Me: How about we do this next time we're together ehhh?

Her: No boy you can stay dry!


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  • She sounds so fucking dumb and immature. Stay away from her and find someone better.


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