Went on a date but he went on a date with another girl after?

I went on a date on Thursday and it went okay. He asked if I'd like to see him again and I said yeah why not. After that we text and he said thanks for going out with him and we talked as normal. He seemed a bit distant yesterday but he told me prior that he isn't a text person and more face to face.
The date wasn't really romantic and I didn't get the click but I thought things are worth a second chance since it's hard to know someone based on a couple of hours together and perhaps the second time would be romantic and I'd feel something. We didn't speak as much last night and he just replied to my text now. I noticed on Facebook that he's been on a date with another girl earlier today. I know it's okay to date more than one person but I prefer to just be honest if something doesn't feel right...

I kinda don't know if to respond anymore or if to briefly say about there not being a click or to just continue and see. I don't really want to be hurt or let down again and I hate the whole not knowing scenario, this sucks.


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  • It's life. Chill out and go with the flow. If you don't have a commitment, which you shouldn't have nor expect yet, then there is nothing wrong with him dating someone else.


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