Want to date, but can never find a decent guy - Is it me?

Since I broke up with my first boyfriend (who I dated for 2 years) about 8 years ago because he cheated on me, I’ve never really had a proper relationship. I’ve only date6 mod 3 guys since then and each for only about 6 months. One cheated on me, another told me I was too stupid to date him (despite the fact that we’re both phd students), and the last one forced me to have sex with him even though I said no. I only seem to find guys like that. Any time I go on a date with a “normal”, or decent, guy, it never seems to work out. What the hell am I doing wrong? Can guys sense the baggage or what?


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  • Work on your beauty, Men that you seem like you're going for only seem to want one thing.

    After your looks, you get deeper, and work on your personality cause looks is meaningless sex without a proper personality, invest your time in improving !

    I've only had one girlfriend ever, 2 years, just like you.
    The feelings were only there for 6 months, lmao, after that it was just meaningful sex... to me anyways, she was just there.

    PhD Classes doesn't mean you're smart or the one's you date are smart.
    You may be more intellectual behind a book but a book will never teach you about Love. (Doesn't mean you are dumb either)


    Why not just go on a break from guys for a bit, enjoy the finer things in life !
    There's more to happiness than a boy who only thinks with his cock !
    Sushi perhaps ! & Maybe treat me to some ! hahahaha! ~

    Good Luck love, May Aphrodite guide you ;P


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  • I think you're just being unlucky, there's nothing wrong with you. Keep trying that sooner or later you'll find someone decent enough for you.

  • You have baggage? Doesn't read across as though you have baggage; if anyone has baggage, it'd be those 3, especially the third one. I'm sorry that happened to you.


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