Which are you more scared of?

Say you like a girl or guy. Are you more scared of him/her thinking you're unattractive or thinking you have a bad personality?

Personally, for me I am a lot more scared of my crush thinking I'm not pretty because it's a first impression and guys my age care about looks first.

  • My crush thinking I am unattractive
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  • My crush thinking I have a bad personality
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  • Guys any age think about looks first, so does every girl to some degree, they are more likely to get past it when it's in the extremes, but appearance is the first thing anyone notices about anyone. Girls worry about their appearance a lot more as well so it figures you would choose A based off that.

    A is more of a deal breaker for guys, B can be forgiven a bit but will most likely not cause a lasting relationship.

    Most girls are already turned off by A, so B would need to be very good to pick that up, but most girls I've talked to see a cute guy and get blinded by it.

    I would say in general A is more of the problem, as you won't even get the initial date. But without B, you won't have a lasting one.


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  • unattractive because you can always work on the personality Its hard to fix looks unless you lose a lot of weight and still what do you have?

    • What do you mean by still what do you have?

    • A good looking guy that's now fat can lose a lot of weight and look pretty good, big changes made here he's now getting a lot of looks from the ladies. A fat guy that is not good looking can lose a lot of weight but besides the weight loss what do you have as far as looks go? Thats what I mean.

  • A crush thinking i am unattractive

  • hey hey girls think about looks first too so dont only say guys.


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