Why is finding a prom date so hard?

People act like you have to date the person you take to prom. Is it too much to ask to be able to ask a guy to prom and not have the expectation that you are then an item? I just want a date, not a boyfriend.


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  • ugh! same!!! and why is it that guys judge girls who ask a guy to prom/homecoming but then they can't have the guts to ask girls? double standards man! And it's not fair that girls so often are stuck waiting last minute for a guy to ask them and then they have to make last minute plans or find a date when the guy never gets up the guts to ask her! or guys that bail on you! those things happen so much at my school! it's just not okay!

    sorry, this isn't really an answer, but more of a yeah, not fair, I want to know as well type thing! lol


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  • As zmonman said it sure would be great of girls could ask guys out...
    But to answer your question. The whole prom dates being an item is just what you'll have to expect because it is in a way a date and therefore most would see it as a time two people who are dating will go to.
    But it shouldn't be hard for you to find a prom date, even if people will think you two are going out, just ignore them. It should at least be a lot easier than for guys who are not good looking and is only met with rejection. :/

    • Haha it's not easy to find a date when the only boys I'm around all the time are one's I had to sign a contract saying I wouldn't fraternize with

    • what do you mean by the contract thing?

    • I'm a statitcian for my school's men's volleyball team and we have to sign a contract saying we won't fraternize with the players

  • if girls would ask guys to prom that would be a cool thing.

    • I wouldn't mind being the asker but then guys assume that I want to be in a relationship.

    • then say "wanna go to prom as friends?"

  • Aren't you already dating someone?

    • No we broke up in February . That's why I don't want another relationship right now.

    • Then you might want to not only change your status, but also let the guy you want know that you're only looking for a date/rebound

  • then ask a guy who you want to see as your future bf..


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