Is bald really that bad to young women?

As you can probably guess I started losing hair very young (18), not exactly tradition balding but still, my only option is a shaved head and I mean to the skin. I actually like it and despite being a skinny pale guy can pull it off okay thanks to head shape being good. But I wondered if this affected dating and attracting the pretty girl so to speak. I made the mistake of going to baldtruthtalk a site for guys or gals with hairloss and asked if it affected other young guys in the dating world. I'll spare you the details but I was lashed at saying if expect to attract any kinda girl who's attractive I'm screwed. (Please keep in mind that is what they said) but rather than listen to a bunch of brats who relied on hair too much I figured I'd ask girls my age. So young ladies, is a bald (shaved) head on a male peer a dealbreaker or generally unattractive? Will I be at a big disadvantage? Personal opinions on it? And do most women in their 20's find it repelling? (or most women in general) I need honesty if those guys were right tell me, if not great but I want to know if this'll hamper my chances young

  • A shaved bald head can be attractive or isn't an issue I could date a bald guy
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  • It's generally unattractive
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  • I love a bald guy! Nothing wrong with it at all.


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  • Vin Diesel, The Rock, Andre Agassi, Taye Diggs...

    You're in good company! ;)


    Can we all just appreciate this?

    I think bald guys can be very handsome indeed :)


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