Ever asked someone your dating to tell you when its over instead of ignoring you?

Been seeing this girl and in a few weeks she asked me if I'm seeing other and I said no because I only date one girl at a time and her response was good because I'm the same way. Normally we talk thoughtout the day snapchat, text and she would call when she is free. Haven't heard from her since yesterday afternoon and I text her once. Yah she is busy I get that but then you start to get that feeling like are they just ignoring you? I mean we talked through out the day everyday for 3 weeks. Then all of the sudden barely talked to her. We call each other babe and she calls me love. Am I sounding needy or curious?

Now my question is to everyone is, if you asked someone your dating to be on the same page as far as letting you know when it's over and they don't want to see you anymore instead of just igniring you or giving just one word answers would that make you sound crazy?


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  • That sounds confusing. But maybe it started off too strong if you were in contact constantly, it has to die down some time?
    But yeah I would want someone to tell me when it's over. We're not teenagers, it shouldn't be a guessing game anymore, we shouldn't care about "looking crazy" when we're actually in a relationship, besides wanting to know where you stand is in no way crazy when you've been dating.

    • Very true. But also we arnt bf/gf we are just dating. Yah... I know what your saying but your calling each other babe and sweet names. It just happened.

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  • dude it hasn't even been 24 hours!!! cut her some slack. but the answer to your question, is yes, I always ask my boyfriend to tell me when it's over because a lot of the times I can't understand his moodiness and changes. but he assures me he's just stressed.


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  • Mate, I have been in a similar situation a couple of times, once I asked what the go was.. other times I have just left it be and let them come to me when they were ready..
    In honesty I know your anxiety would be pretty high as to wanting to know what the deal is, my advice would be don't jump to any conclusions just yet, it really could be any reason... and don't act on impulse with any decisions you make just

    • Thanks man. I've been staying busy and keeping a clear head. Figured it's better to come on here instead of blowing up her phone.

    • Smart move, yeah unfortunately the smartest thing is to wait it out and see what happens... When I was younger I made the mistake of blowing a phone up, shot myself in the foot, and she was quiet just because she was amazingly busy... learn from my mistake mate :)

  • I've not bothered.