Is it a date or just hanging-out?

Just wondering. This girl decide to go sledding with me, just the two of us. She is a busy person and actually rejected me a month ago. I wouldn't say we are friends but maybe more than acquaintances. Why would she decide to spend time alone after rejecting me? A few things. We both were asking questions about each other, playfully were throwing snowballs, and she said she had fun. Also she is 21 or 22 and I am 19, both in same college.


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  • Did she ask you to it? If so just assume it's hanging out.

    • It was planned on Monday and we went today, but no, I asked her. There was supposed to be another person but they were busy and she still wanted to go.

    • You should always make it clear that you are asking them on a date and not leave it ambiguous when you initially ask.