Will he ask me out on a 3rd date? Does he even like me?

I met a guy who is 2-3 years younger than me over a dating app. It took him over 2 weeks to ask me out, over text! He never does call which I am fine with because I never do know what to say over phone. The 1st date was really awkward with me asking most of the questions and him talking. He hardly smiled at all even though we talked until the restaurant almost closed on us. I gave him some chocolates and a pat on the back. He texted me as soon as he got home though and the day after. But, it took him yet another 3 days to propose a 2nd date.

The 2nd date was equally awkward, he just doesn't seem to relax his poker face and I noticed that his hand was visibly shaking when he was dipping his chip. Afterwards he asked me what I would like to do? I really have no idea, why does he expect me to plan the date? I really am not a bad girl, I just didn't know what else to suggest when he asked, I invited him to my place since he was driving me home anyway, and we played some board games and talked. I am scared that he thinks poorly of me over this?

When he was leaving, he reached out his hand, so I shook it, then he said that he was actually reaching for a hug, so I gave him a hug... then he left and doesn't initiate any text that night or the next morning.

At the beginning of the 2nd date we exchanged books to read... so now I have his book... do you think we messed up the 1st date and the 2nd date so badly that it is over now?

During the date he also mentioned that he told his friend's wife about me... and then he added that she is "my age." We are only 2-3 years apart... what is with the "my age" and "your age" thing? He has a problem with me being older?

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Okay, so this is what happened:

Friday: 2nd date + I sent him a text
Saturday: responded to my text from Friday night, went silent
Sunday: silent
Monday: a few texts, initiated by him
Tuesday: a few texts, initiated by me (he responded quickly)
Wednesday: silent

He didn't ask me out again, means he doesn't like me huh? or he is playing games? Either way I should just go date other guys?


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  • The Magic 8 Ball Oracle has answer to all the questions. I just asked it and it says, "ONLY TIME WILL TELL" haha

    • Okay, 3 days and then I am gonna assume he doesn't want his book back

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  • He just sounds socially awkward... don't over think anything, have fun... time will tell :)

  • I love you.

  • The wonders of Tinder!

    Like MC Shakespeare said: Will he or not will he?

    • Its one of the more legit dating app... but yea still, maybe he doesn't take it very seriously because its online dating and all (sigh)

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