What to do when you realize that love is gone?

We dated for almost 2 years. 1st year he was very INTO ME, there was just unreal passion and chemistry.
But after about a year and a half he suddenly became colder to me;;, but still had interest, just started to tell me what he dont like in me (it was still me like a year ago, he didn't complain before).
I said, that ii am naturally like that, but i will try to improve. He said, that he likes it , that i will try and that i am honest.
In couple months he called me rarely and we meet rarely. I thought that he broke up with me already and moved on.
and suddenly he appeared again-then we started to date often again, we even had passion again like before.
But he already didn't want to pay for my taxi when invited me to cinema, like before we met near his house or in centre and took taxi to cinema together. Now he said "take a taxi to cinema, i ll meet u there, dont be late i dont want to watch movie alone"
After that he was gone for work for 2 months, and then we met again.
And again he wanted me to take taxi to go to cinema, after cinema we ALWAYS go to his place, this time he said "i have to work late-otherwise i would invite u"
It was 1st time he said so after the cinema.
Then we met a couple more times... and then he was silent for a week and then wrote me very emotionless email, that he may have to go back to his country, bcoz someone from his family has problems, but he will be there for short time"
i said ok hope ur "relative" will be ok...
and he never replied.

I even doubt he went anywhere...
what do u think of this all and his behavior?


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  • I think it is time to move on.

    • i moved on, i need opinion on this all and why he suddenly just dissapeared

    • He moved on. I am not trying to be funny, but the answer is he has moved on. That may be all that you ever know. It stinks but it might be that...

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