Too nice or too good to be true?

So there is this guy who I thought was cute. We have seen each other at parties and have not spoken before. He recently has messaged me on fb asking for a date. I agreed. He has giving me a lot of compliments and messages me a lot how muchh I make him smile. Kinda seems creepy to me. Almost like he tells me too much. I feel like if s guy is too upfront and fast that it probably means what they want is the same thing. If you know what I mean.

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He's good looking. Yes. But his constant compliments and comments are overwhelming. Especially since we know nothing of each other. I'll try it and see how it goes.
He just asked me if I like back massages.


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  • Eh... Hard to say. On the one hand, great guys (*caugh*, ME, *caugh*) have been turned down just for making the mistake of coming on too strong. Some guys are great at being in a relationship, but really awkward and terrible at the pre-relationship dating game.

    It can be hard to judge what a girl's expectations for speed and timing are, because everyone is different and society/media shows so many vastly different examples (relationships sometimes happen over a 90 minute movie, and othetimes over a 9 season sit-com)

    Give him a chance, and see if he's weird in general. If it turns out that his speed, timing, and frequency are the only issues, just tell him you want to reset the pacing of the whole thing.


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  • There is the general pattern, but every guy is different. Sure, it may seem a bit creepy for him to open up to you, and it seems fast, but you at least know his intentions. Maybe he's the type of guy who feels the need to profess his admiration. Isn't that in itself romantic, a man who expresses his emotions?

  • Yeah, he come on too strong. He should of keep his cool. Nothing raise a red flag to me yet, he probably just hype that you accepted his date offer.

    Go on a date with him, then you can gauge and see his true intention fast.

  • I'm a little weary of people who talk about how great they think someone is when they only just started dating when they wouldn't even know them that well. Not saying don't give him a chance but just take what he says with a grain of salt.

  • a guy loving you, could literally say i love you a billion times and wouldn't get bored, its normal at loves, he would feel like saying it a billion times is still not enough... yes love is that strong, if that guy just compliments you all the time just know that he may be into you (not once or twice, just every single time...)

  • If he was really hot, you would never consider it creepy.


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