After a great 1st date a week ago where this guy made it very clear how much he was into me, he never initiates things. Is he interested?

So I hv been on tinder fr 2 months now but nver went out with anyone except for this guy that I met recently. The very reason why I went out with him was because he came across as very sophisticated. He has lived n worked out of different countries. He was unlike other guys. He is successful, very matured, hot, very well spoken n a very busy guy too. So, we had this great 1st date where he himself told me that he likes me. It was a clear yes. He complimented me on my slim figure and my highlighted hair. He was clearly infatuated and mentioned that it was really nice hanging out with me like this. He asked me if I m being single currently. and I gt on know that he had broken up wit his gf last Aug Because he din like her hanging out with other guys. He asked me if I m free on weekdays too bt yes mentions that he keeps busy. He dropped me home. He kept kissing n snogging and started asking questions about this guy that I mentioned on a call with mom. He also called me once he was home. Now the thing is after this great date, he does call me bt I hv to ping him everyday asking him to call me. But yes I hv to just ask him once to call me n he will for sure call me up as soon as he is free. He is a very straight forward guy but what's making me anxious is that he never pings or calls on his own. It's been a week already. He talks to me, listens patiently, asks about things but never calls on his own. He does call me 'baby' also. Should I be worried? Is he interested? What should I do? Take a step back? Ask him clearly what he wants? Or need to give him more time because he does keep really busy!

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Well.. it's been almost a week now that I have contacted him at all. He still hasn't called or texted me on his own. However, I am sure he would reply if I initiate as always. But should I be doing it or should I just let go of this guy completely now?


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  • As you said he is very busy, which is most likely why he hasn't been calling/texting. Ease up a little bit, then start talking about how much you miss him and how much FUN the last date was, and how you can't stop thinking about it.

    • But I am sure he can find 10 mins to speak with me on the way back home from work which he does when I ask him too but never on his own. I feel we are not being on the same page.

    • Yes but you have only been on one date. He is probably extremely tired and he doesn't feel comfortable enough to talk to you about what is going on at work, especially since some women would find that a turn off this early in the relationship.

    • Well.. okay.. I l try that!

  • Okay, so he's a successful good looking guy, if true this means he has other women chasing him. Quality men do not chase women, you'll have to do 80% of the calling/texting/persuing. Don't message him for a few days you're putting off some very needy insecure vibes. Keep in mind that you've only been on one date.

    • Can a guy's feelings change. A male friend said that guys don't generally think before doing anything and he might have realized later on that he is not that interested because he is not taking any initiatives.

    • Of course, the same way a woman's feelings change. What someone says they feel at any given moment might not be how they necessarily feel in a week. Don't let yourself get too invested in this guy, but don't necessarily give up after a week. Continue to date other people, send him a message in a few days, if he doesn't respond by asking you on a 2nd date then wait a week then send him another. If still no 2nd date then move on. You'll hear a lot of people claim they don't like dating games but if you pace out the contact with someone It'll cause them to wonder about you and make them start to miss you.

    • Thanks a ton for the advice!

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