Convinced His Looks Are All He Has To Offer?

Obviously I was drawn to this guy because he was well above cute and had a certain charm, but it's not what made me stick around.
He doesn't understand that I like him for more than just his looks, in fact his looks only make up about 25% of the reason why I like him. He believes that I don't see anything past that and he's convinced that it's the only reason why I talk to/ hang out with him, he said I wouldn't do either otherwise. He's funny, stupid smart, selfless I could go on but that's just listing a few things of what I see in him. Yet he still assumes that I only want him because of his looks.
How do I get him to believe that it's not all I'm paying attention to and that it's not all I like about him?


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  • He lacks confidence, trust, and probably affection too, maybe some family problems? I don't know, but you have to keep reassuring him that it's not because of his looks. Get mad if you want to, be serious about it, tell him it hurts you that he thinks that he thinks that way of you.

  • He's a pussy.


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