Can you give me advice?

There was this woman in my company, she must be about my age and when I joined that company we started off on the wrong foot.
I didn't work with her but she saw my work, and my boss told me she was always very impressed with it.
One day I saw her without make-up and I began imagining myself in a relationship with her.
And now I've left that company to continue with my career, what should I do?


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  • Try to get ahold of her and ask her out for dinner some night. The worst that could happen is her saying no. But you may hit it off with her


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  • maybe reach out to her, if you can, and just say,"hey thought about you today when i saw... blah.. blah (replace blah), hope you are doing well."

    at this point you just seem like you are saying hi.

  • contact her? see if she's on Facebook.

    or even contact her on her work phone or cell if you have it.