What did he mean when he said this?

Yesterday I told the guy I'm seeing that I had just got into my bed when he asked me what I was doing. I asked if he was ready for the after party (he said he had a few parties to go to over the weekend), he asked if it was an invite and he thought it was "too early" for an after party.

It has no relation to the time it was, he was clearly referring to the fact I was in bed and it sounding like an invite, the after party is clearly sex. I laughed and told him I was talking about his plans for the evening.

Before anybody says he's just after sex. I didn't innocently make the joke, it was harmless flirting and I wanted to see if he would read between the lines.

Anyway does the fact he said he thought it was too soon mean he thinks it's too soon for him? Or me? All we've done is kiss so far and we've been on a handful of dates. Im not ready for sex and I think he can sense this anyway as he has been very patient with me.


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  • ... I don't get it.


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