New to a relationship... normal to feel unsure?

We're both shy, and new to being in a relationship. The thing is, we don't know each other that well and after 6 months of clearly liking each other he asked me out. We went out on one date, and it went well.

I know he's shyer than i am, so quiet moments are expected but im just unsure about everything im doing. We don't text each other unless it's to confirm something (like him picking me up or something), and i think ill be the one initiating plans. We hold hands, we kiss, and we do like each other. Is it just a case of just being shy and just needing to spend more time and getting to know each other better?

Any tips?


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  • Perfectly normal.

    • Do you have any tips on how to get more comfortable with each other? I blank out a lot on what to talk about and i usually a bubbly person.

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  • I think that's cute actually, and it does look like it's because you're both shy. I'm shy as well but I've never been in a relationship, but I feel like that's probably the way a relationship would be with me lol. I'd most likely be the quieter and shyer one. But like all shy people you guys just probably need some time to get comfortable with each other. Is this your first relationship? If so that might be why you feel unsure about what you're doing and if it certain things are normal.