How early is too early to ask a guy what he wants from you?

How early is too early to ask a guy what he wants from you? I just started seeing this guy and it seemed like he was serious about me. But now im not so sure and i dont want to just go around and assume that he wants it, when i just might not and he's just know how to act and what to say. So should i ask him next time what he wants? We have know eachother for a week or so,.. And dont know if i want a relationship or not, but i know i dont want to be used for sex

And by the way does anyone have any "top 10 signs a guy only wants sex" or "top 10 signs he want something more then sex" or something? because he does take contact a lot and he updates me when he's out etc ex. but he ex. commented about how i was in bed (we didn't have sex or anything, we just cuddled, but he commented that i was just lying there) So its very mixed and i dont know what he wants


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  • If a man is an intentionally actively practicing Christian, then he'll be abstinent until he is married, implying that sex is definitely not his only intention.

    Aside from that, its hard to know, because any man who has sex without committing to any marriage vows very well might be playing out the other aspects of the relationship as part of an act.

    • i guess you're right... ugh.. this is why i dont date lol you never know...

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  • Anytime is right time. Never too early. Should both have an idea of what both parties want from the gate. Even if the initial meetibg was a hook up, you both should put cards on table after a couple encounters. Especially when one begins to devlope feelings and emotions towrd the other.

  • Third day.

    • third day? like the third date?

    • Yes.

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  • I would say maybe the fourth date or whenever your comfortable with asking

    • that the problem, i dont know... On one hand i dont want to date a guy that only wants me for sex, its fine that he doesn't want anything serious, but im into having sex just for the sake if it. But on the other hand i feel like i should wait and see, maybe he doesn't know what he wants yet...

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    • ex. means example

    • Oh gotcha I thought you meant as in ex-girlfriend

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