Why after 3 dates my coworker says he's in love with me?

So my coworker asked me on a date and I said yes! Ever since then he asked again and again. And we see each other at work as well. But I avoid him to keep it strictly professional.. anyway, during our dates he's the one who's been very open about himself. I haven't really because I'm a quiet person who needs more time to be able to as well. But I was open about making jokes and simple things like yeah! I like that too or that. I'm always known to be quiet and mysterious. Which drew him to me. Our dates have been romantic, and the 3rd date he told me he's falling for me and feels that he is in love with Me. I mean how is that possible? I mean I like him a lot! He seems like a really kind and genuine person. And I do want to continue dating! But it seems like he wants to "run run run!" And spend all times with me. I don't want him to get bored of seeing me all the time too.


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  • Just tell him you enjoy his company, but you aren't quite ready to go that fast. You just want to take time to enjoy each other. Everything else will come.


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