How do I get things back to normal with her?

Hello guys I have this best friend girl in my class , we could talk about anything we were kinda close , we hangout , sit together in classes. I really felt she was genuinely interested in me she used to be the one always initiating a conversion when texting , we used to talk so much. But last week for at least 5 days or so we didn't text at all , I was waiting for to see if she's gonna message at all but she didn't , so I couldn't take it and finally texted her saying "Ignoring me eh" she's like no "you are!" so then I ask her whats wrong? She says nothings wrong at all , even in class when i met her after me sending that message she sat next to me and was very friendly but it wasn't like before.

I have to add this she has been texting this one guy a lot lately who she seems to like very much but he doesn't live in the same town but they've hung out before once. Before when she was in good terms with me we'd sit close to eachother talk random stuff , she'd laugh at anything I say but now all that has weirdly stopped.

I tried to ignore her once in the class after this she calls by my name sitting across another desk and says hi I go like emm hi! then she's like asking me a favor to give her internet for her to chat on her phone (prolly with that same dude) .

I have repeatedly asked her whats wrong she says nothings wrong , but I kinda feel we are not the same as we were before. I can't really figure out what went wrong.

How do I get her back? Do I have a chance at all? She does text me , yesterday she was sharing her problems with me even sent a pic or two talking regular stuff , but how do i get back what we once had?


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  • Okay sometimes some people just like alone time - It doesn't mean they hate you or are going off to find people to talk about you - It sounds like a misunderstanding may have developed into a problem - If tbere is a problem on her mind and she feels like sharing she will tell you. Trying to force her to talk about an issue that may or may not be there will compound any weirdness.