How does it feel when a guy you like doesn't ask you out or doesn't even talk to you?

What if you're sure he likes you too. Does that make it worse?


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  • Either way I would just move on. If a guy doesn't make a move I assume he's either not into me or he's not into me enough to approach me. It's a sad situation really

    The only time I don't think like this is if I know for a fact that he is shy so approaching is difficult for him

    • How do you convey that to a girl.

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    • Yes.

    • I suggest that if you like her and you're shy, just try to let her know either straight up or through friends or something (so she can see that you're shy) and she asks you out instead of you having to do it. It's really the only way I know a girl will ask a guy out is if she's 100% sure he likes her and is just shy.

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  • I don't... develop feelings for people I am not close to. That's impossible to me.

    • So you have to be friends first?

    • Yes. For a long time to be precise. I need to determine whether we have a good emotional & mental compatibility. I can't have it any other way.
      According to my observations, most people are not like that though.

  • Umm, I think it's normal so I don't feel bad or anything.


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